Playa del Carmen – A Runner’s Paradise!

Playa del Carmen is filled with beach lovers, shoppers, foodies, coffee drinkers and cocktail lovers but here you will also notice that Playa del Carmen is a runners paradise.

Almost everywhere you go, at any time of the day, you will see someone pushing their body to the test as they take the streets and the beaches in Playa del Carmen as their own personal physical fitness zone!  A friend of mine tells her feelings about taking her feet to the streets in Playa del Carmen!

“Why I love running in Playa del Carmen!”

The atmosphere!  Playa del Carmen is upbeat and lively!  My favorite thing to do while I run is to people watch. It helps me get through quite a few miles without even thinking about it! When you run in Playa there are so many things to see and notice. And while most of the time I run a normal route, its different every time!

Flat Streets!  While some may appreciate the challenge every so often, typically daily running is easier on flat land.  The 5th Avenue along with the other streets in Playa del Carmen are generally an easy run!

The Beautiful Beach!  Running on the beach is breathtaking and can certainly give you a little addition to that runners high!  I feel a sense of appreciation and happiness when I run on the beach, remembering that I live in a beautiful paradise.

Staying updated!  I may not get the chance to get out to the beach or the 5th Avenue every day for leisure, but if I run in those areas I can stay updated every day about new changes.  Recently the 5th Avenue has been transforming with new additions and closures. By running I have been able to quickly see what’s going on in the main areas of our beautiful town daily!

When is the best time of day to run in Playa del Carmen?

I enjoy running at all different times of the day!  The mornings are very quiet and is a free range for runners on the 5th Avenue and on the beach.  Enjoy the peace of Playa del Carmen before the town comes alive.  If you are a beach runner you can enjoy a certain calmness in the air, and in the ocean, that is only found early in the day!

Mid-day running in Playa del Carmen can be a little bit hot but it’s a good time to take a shorter run and get a little extra vitamin D!  You may find yourself running more of an obstacle course weaving through the people.

If the main streets are too busy it can be a great chance to explore new neighborhoods and routes in Playa.  Playacar is an incredible area for runners looking for a nice environment and pretty scenery!

Evening running in Playa is very comfortable and a nice time to see Playa in a different light. There are many well lit areas to do your nightly routine safely.

Running is a FREE activity for all ages in Playa del Carmen!  If you are not a full time runner, a light jog a couple times a week or even a daily walk can serve the same purpose!  Running is just one of the many things you can do to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in Playa del Carmen!