Live Music in Playa del Carmen

Some nights you just want to go out and enjoy some good tunes and good company. In Playa del Carmen we know how important that is for our travellers and even the locals here in Mexico. Therefore there are quite a few different locations scattered around Playa del Carmen that offer live music. Why not take advantage of listening to something a little different and not so mainstream while you are here in Mexico. Let loose and have a good time, while dancing and singing the night away on the beach. Below you will find a couple of our favorite places in Playa del Carmen that offer fantastic live music.

  • Wah Wah Beach Bar
  • Kitxen
  • Lucky Luciano
  • Senior Frogs
  • Fah Live Music & Food

Each one of these restaurants and bars offer some of the best live music and fun atmospheres that you would not want to miss on your travels.

Wah Wah

Wah Wah Beach Bar is so popular amongst English speaking travellers because of the setting. You will be dancing and singing directly on the white sand. You can also enjoy dinner and drinks for a reasonable price! In Mexico we like to please everyone, and this place is definitely a crowd pleaser. Wah Wah Beach Bar plays live music every Tuesday to Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7:00pm-10:00pm. So if you are tied up through out the day, make sure to head out there at night for a time you won’t forget.

Live Music


Kitxen is known to be a rockers paradise. This place is actually owned by a legendary singer and guitarist, who is part of the rock band: Caifanes. Kitxen is located right in the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen on Fifth Avenue between Constituyentes and 20th. It is open everyday from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Live Music

Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano is another popular English speaking restaurant that plays some unique tunes through out the week. You can enjoy some delicious food + free entertainment with a tip at the end of course whether you enjoyed your experience. This restaurant is located on the famous Fifth Avenue, in the middle of the hustle and bustle. If you are looking for a place to get you up on your toes and enjoying life- this place will do that for you.

Live Music

Señor Frog’s

Señor Frog’s in another popular Mexican tourist destination amongst other travellers from all over the world. It seems to be a hot spot especially for Americans and Canadians. They place wonderful music and have live bands on weekends. You can enjoy the most delicious piña colada amongst all their other fabulous drinks- without leaving the beach. Señor Frog’s tends to be the busiest on weekends but it is enjoyed everyday of the week of course. You can find delicious food here as well.  Señor Frog’s is located at the end of Fifth Avenue on the beach and is conveniently right next to the ferry port to Cozumel. Bring your dancing pants to this place!

Live Music

Fah Live Music & Food

Fah is an excellent restaurant to have a great night! Plus, it is located in the heart of the Fifth Avenue, between streets 8 and 10. Fah plays live music every night. Also, they offer delicious food that goes beyond the traditional. Food and drinks here have a totally reasonable price. Additionally, the atmosphere at this place is amazing and so is the service. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a delicious café and breakfast, Fah opens from 8:00 am to 12:00 am.

Live Music

We hope you have a great night at these fantastic bars enjoying live music and Playa del Carmen!

5 Things You Can Do to Escape the Caribbean Heat

We understand this summertime heat can be a little irritating. There are days when all you want to do is stay somewhere with air condition. But, this could actually be boring. Besides, when you live in Playa del Carmen, you must learn how to handle the heat. It is okay to stay locked in home with A/C once in a while. However, there are so many places where you can go to freshen up while you have fun outdoors. Let’s take a look at some options to escape the Caribbean heat!


The first thing you can do is visit a beach

Well, this one is clear! There are so many beautiful beaches all along the Riviera Maya. We recommend to bring an umbrella, a large blanket, drinking water, snacks, sunscreen and a chair. This will help you stay fresh and away from the sun. Whenever you want to rest, you can sit under your umbrella. And if the heat takes over, you can run to the sea and cool down Don’t forget to bring a book or something to stay entertained and enjoy the beach to the fullest.

Caribbean heat

Have a wonderful day at a cenote

A freshwater sinkhole, also known as cenote, is a perfect way to fresh up. Its cold water will help you to feel better and escape the Caribbean heat. Also, most cenotes are covered, so you can stay away from the sunlight and avoid a sunburn. There are many cenotes you can visit, and most of them are not expensive. In addition, if you want to have an adventure and enjoy a cenote to the fullest, you can rent diving equipment and have much more fun.

Caribbean heat

Enjoy a delicious ice cream on the 5th Avenue

What’s better than taking a walk on the Fifth Avenue? Well, having an ice cream while walking all along this amazing street. There are plenty of ice cream shops that offer delicious flavors and also, beverages if you’re not really in a mood for an ice cream. Once you decide what kind of dessert you’re having, it’s time to enjoy the 5th Avenue! This pedestrian street offers so many shopping stores, restaurants, spas, among many other things. The world-famous 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen will surely keep you entertained and, sometimes, away from the Caribbean heat.

Caribbean heat

Have an amazing adventure at a theme park

There are plenty of options to choose from! Each theme park in the Riviera Maya offers different amazing activities. You can have a relaxing day at Xel-Ha or an incredible adventure at Xplor. And if you want to have a family day, Xcaret could be the perfect place. Alternatively, there are some other companies that offer great tours which include zip-line, ATV and a cenote visit. Choose one or more of these activities and have fun while you freshen up.

Caribbean heat

Swim in one of the many hotel rooftops in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is home to several hotel rooftops that are open to the public even if you’re not a guest. However, most of these rooftops will ask you to eat something or have a drink. Therefore, make sure to bring some cash, so you can enjoy your food and/or beverage while you sunbathe and refresh in the swimming pool. This exquisite option could end up being your weekend getaway plan!

Caribbean heat

Now you that you have these ideas in mind, go outside and enjoy all the activities the Riviera Maya has to offer! As a result, you will escape the Caribbean heat whilst having an astonishing journey. Additionally, you will get to discover more incredible places in the Riviera Maya and see why people define it as a paradise.



Day of the Dead: sharing in honor of those gone

Mexican culture is colorful, lively and very unique. It doesn’t matter how grim or sad a holiday may seem, Mexicans will find a way of making it come to life– literally and metaphorically – in ways only their imagination allows. Day of the Dead is no exception to this, as the holiday is celebrated throughout the country. Although it sounds as if it should be a day of sadness, it is in fact a joyous day. It´s filled with music, food, friends, family, and remembering those who have gone.

A lot of time is invested in this November holiday as it features elaborate make up of catrinas, setting up altars, baking delicious meals, decorating with cempasuchil flowers, and dressing up the graves at the cemeteries,  The holiday is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, the first being dedicated to remembering children and infants and the latter for honoring the deceased adults. However, with the integration of Halloween the celebrations tend to start a few days earlier in certain parts of the country.

 photo 10367599_10152548898817648_5202629039258281864_n_zpsluafqkq1.jpg

The holiday is meant for those who have gone, so there is no indulging in what you like but rather in what they enjoyed. Altars are set up with a photo of the deceased person and decorated with cempasuchil flowers, while the deceased’s favorite food and drinks are placed on it as an offering. It is believed that on this day the dead come back to the world of the living to spend time with their loved ones. For this reason, all of their favorite things are placed on the altar to welcome them back.

Graveyards are a special place during this time of year, but visits to the graves are not as you would imagine. Instead, you will find families gathering around the tombs of their loved ones with flowers, offerings and even picnics. Throughout the night they will share their favorite stories of the person they are honoring and remember them. Mariachis are often found roaming throughout the graves singing the deceased’s favorite songs and bringing the cemeteries – quite literally- to life.

 photo 10606149_10152548884947648_1168927355963141423_n_zps5teek9dl.jpg

Of course, with every holiday comes tales and legends, and this is also the case with the Day of the Dead. Some believe that not creating an altar for a deceased family member can have deathly consequences. According to legend, or as it is known in Spanish las malas lenguas, if a spirit comes back to see it has been forgotten they can be angered. This is especially true if they see the big and elaborate altars left for other spirits. Those who forget it will be struck with illness and maybe even become dead soon after. Some people celebrate the holiday out of fear rather than tradition, love and commitment. But hey, these are just stories.

And let’s not forget about food! Day of the Dead is full of some delicious treats such as pan de muerto and sugar skulls. It is tradition to buy sugar skulls with the name of a person and offer it as a gift to friends and family members. These skulls are usually decorated with catrina-like make up and have a sticker on the forehead with a name. The sugar skull is given as a gift. This is not to mean that you are suggesting death to the person you give it to, but rather as a statement of love. It says that if they were ever to be gone you would remember them on this day.

The other traditional food is the pan de muerto, which is a bun with decorations that resemble bones on top. It is a traditional sweet roll baked throughout the country and shared by family members by the grave or at home.

 photo 10375496_10152549005037648_9042737524588602012_n_zpscc1xsb7h.jpg

Throughout the country you will find parades, parties, festivities and many things to celebrate this amazing tradition that has been around for centuries. Foreigners are welcomed with open arms to join the celebrations as Mexican culture dictates that teaching and sharing traditions with outsiders is good. Ask around your community and join the many events throughout. There is often theater, music, parks, pub-crawls and more.

Now you know how this beautiful tradition is celebrated and what to expect, so get out there and be a part of it. Nobody says that only Mexican souls come back. Erect an altar for your loved ones who have gone and they will surely appreciate it.

 photo 10384583_10152548898892648_7336645153002255580_n_zpsgg4qaw2z.jpgDo you want to be a part of this festive and lively culture that we all admire? Then maybe it’s time to consider moving to Mexico. Top Mexico Real Estate caters to American and Canadian expats looking for a forever home in Mexico. Browse through our thousands of properties and get in touch with one of our Top Buyer Representatives who will guide you through the process of becoming a homeowner in paradise.

And remember, here at Top Mexico Real Estate…

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Calle Corazon: Out With the Old, In With the New

The Summer of 2015 saw the arrival of a new addition to downtown Playa del Carmen´s 5th Avenue shopping experience. Located on 14th Avenue, halfway from the reigning mall Quinta Alegria on Constituyentes and Juarez Avenue, you will find Calle Corazon. It is a work in progress which is slowly rolling out a vast array of internationally renowned shops.

Some of the names include Steve Maddison, Hollister, Swarovski, Michael Kors, Puma and the highly anticipated H&M store, which is among the first to open. With professional footballer-turned-model David Beckam featured as one of H&M´s models it´s likely to draw many people to their fashionable yet afffordable catalogue of men and women´s clothing.

 photo mall_zpsr7jn2jy3.jpg

This is a project that has been two years in the making. The opening was preceded by the closure of a street on October of 2013 that gave that area of Playa del Carmen a touch of uniqueness. Its´ chic palapas made way for the new and ambitious project,  causing local playenses to say goodbye to a beloved street. For many years the small and romantically lit street offered a unique place for strolling, but the old has given way to the new. The opening heralds a new, modern place that is sure to attract thousands of tourists.

Calle Corazon also plans to build a hotel featuring 90 rooms, a restaurant, pool, roof top garden, bar and a gym. You can see that this is a big and ambitious project that offers new spaces for the immense tourist population that passes through Playa del Carmen every year. The hotel will surely be a great addition to an already busy 5th Avenue.

 photo mall 2_zps2rovwwul.jpg

According to the president of the Business Coordinating Council in the Riviera Maya the Calle Corazon project ¨will always be important because it speaks of the success of the Riviera Maya”.

This new project is bringing new and exciting opportunities to a growing city that many expats have come to call home. The new plaza will bring lots of new job opportunities for both local and foreigners and create a new open space for travelers and residents to shop, hang out, or simply pass the time.

 photo mall 3_zpspdemks1y.jpg

Top Mexico Real Estate is your source for information about life and culture in Mexico. Let us show you what is like here, and what you will be enjoying when you begin your adventure as a property owner in the paradise of the Mayan Riviera.

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Things to Do in Playa Del Carmen on a Rainy Day

Like every good tropical region, the Riviera Maya has one long rainy season. It starts in June and runs all the way through October. However, this does not mean that every day is a rainy day! While most days you will be able to enjoy the beautiful, paradise beaches, outdoor activities, site seeing, and much more, you should also plan (and pack) for occasional rainy days.

Most people come to the Riviera Maya because it’s a fully outdoor holiday, but there is plenty to do and enjoy while it’s raining outside. And worry not, because rain tends to fall strongly for an hour or two and then stop completely, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the beach, 5th Avenue, or anything else. Just carry a poncho (or umbrella) with you!

Here are some fun things to do in Playa Del Carmen on a rainy day:

Go to the Movies
Believe it or not, most movies screened in Mexico are in their original version and subtitled. Only children’s movies are dubbed. You have plenty of films to watch in either of the two movie theaters found in Playa del Carmen: Cinemex in Centro Maya, or Cinepolis in Plaza las Americas.

Go Shopping
Since you’re already in Centro Maya or Plaza las Americas, you might as well go shopping. Both malls are not as big as you are used to back home, but they have plenty of shopping and food available. Another option is visiting the new Quinta Alegria plaza located on 5th Avenue. This plaza is open but offers shelter from the rain to walk around.

 photo Shopping_zpsbd4q46of.jpg

Have a Long Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
It doesn’t matter what time it starts raining at…visiting a restaurant and enjoying a long and relaxing meal is a great option while the rain falls. You could visit any one of the many restaurants on 5th Avenue, or somewhere off the beaten path, and try some delicious Mexican, Italian, French, gourmet, street, or even German food!

Go Dancing!
12th street is waiting for you, regardless of rain. If it’s raining at nighttime (or party time), don’t stay in just because of the weather. Once you reach 12th street you will find plenty of choices between bars and clubs to dance the rain (and night) away!

Go on a Tour
Visiting cenotes, going on ATVs, or visiting Río Secreto and Xplor are great options for when it’s raining. You’ll be getting wet anyway. Rio Secreto is a beautiful underground river and cenote, perfect for any weather. Xplor is Experiencias Xcaret’s adventure park – zipline, swim through rivers, and have fun…rain or not! Most ATV tours include visiting a cenote and riding through fun filled and muddy paths!

 photo ATV_zpsoxec3qjf.jpg

Discover a Café 
Playa del Carmen is full of uniquely designed, delicious coffee and teashops. Find one that you like and spend a rainy afternoon reading a book and enjoying a Mexican brewed coffee or tea. You can also find cookies, breads, cakes, and other sweet things to enjoy with the drink of your choice.

Get a Massage
You know you’ve been thinking about it since you arrived in Playa del Carmen. You’re on vacation and you deserve a massage. So what better time to get one than when it’s raining outside? The sound of the rain and the relaxing music at the spa will surely allow you to let it all go, relax, and enjoy. Playa del Carmen is full of spas waiting for you…get off 5th Avenue and find one that is not as expensive and that will leave you feeling more relaxed!

 photo Massage_zpsv1dg1xuo.jpg

Stay In 
Seldom do you get to enjoy a day of relaxation in the hotel. Pamper yourself, order room service, turn the TV on and watch a movie. You may not be getting the full Playa del Carmen experience through it, but you will definitely feel ready for your next adventure day in paradise!

There is no reason to feel frustrated because your holidays are “ruined” by the rain! Never forget that Playa del Carmen is much more than paradise beaches, and that there are plenty things to do in Playa Del Carmen on a rainy day.

Top Mexico Real Estate is an American-owned, locally based real estate company, leader in the Riviera Maya. If you are thinking of retiring or relocating to paradise, feel free to contact one of our Top Mexico Buyers’ Representatives who will happily guide you on your path to becoming a homeowner in Mexico.

And remember, here at Top Mexico Real Estate

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Shopping in Cancun & the Riviera Maya

If you are traveling to Cancun or the Riviera Maya, shopping might not cross your mind. However, this area has a wide variety of shopping centers and stores. As a rule of thumb the price for designer’s clothes and electronics are somewhat higher than in the United States, but you might find a great deal or some unique articles that cannot be found in America; liquors, cigars, etc.

Here at Top Mexico Real Estate we have made ​​a list of our favorite malls in Cancun and throughout the Riviera Maya. If you are looking for a souvenir, sporting goods or clothing; we are sure you will find it in the nearest mall.

Shopping in Cancun

There are several shopping malls in Cancun, offering everything one could possibly need. Some of them have movie theaters, casinos and supermarkets; however we are focusing in the ones closest to the beach, hotel and tourist area. Get a little shopping therapy in Cancun.

La Isla

Location: Blvd. Kukulcan Km 12.5, Cancun, Quintana Roo

This mall is located within the hotel zone, so it is pretty easy to find. This beautiful shopping center has a view of the Nichupte lagoon, waterways and open areas that allow you to enjoy the Caribbean breeze.

This is one of the most popular malls for visitors and locals alike, it is always packed on the weekends. Some of the stores that you can find here are: Liverpool, La Boutique Palacio, Ultrafemme, Zara, Benetton, Thai, Starbucks, Italianni’s, Massimo Dutti, among many others.

 photo Cancun Shopping 2_zpshpewx1yo.jpg

Luxury Avenue

Location: Blvd. Kukulcan Km 13 Mza 53 Lote 8, Cancun, Quintana Roo

Bring your wallet and your credit cards, this shopping mall specializes in luxury brands and offers specialized services such as a concierge or shopping assistant. Luxury Avenue is located in the hotel zone, it offers a wide variety of luxury shops and elegant restaurants and offers Tax Free or Tax Back options, if you’re visiting from abroad.

This mall is for those who want the very best, it boasts shops by international designers such as: Fendi, Burberry, Coach, Tous, Mont Blanc, Cartier and Swarovski.  Visit their page to receive more information about their fashion shows and special offers.

 photo Cancun Shopping 3_zps1lagjgly.jpg

Shopping In Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen has many shops offering everything from A to Z. In Playa you will find beautiful outdoor malls, shopping centers and the famous 5th avenue a pedestrian only street lined with shops, restaurants and bars.

Quinta Alegria

Location: 5th Ave. and Constituyentes Ave., Downtown, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

This mall is a favorite for locals and visitors alike, offering a variety of prestigious shops and restaurants. Located on 5th Avenue and Constituyentes avenue is easily accessible and its open plan lets you enjoy the Caribbean weather and the sea breeze.

Enjoy an afternoon of shopping at great shops like Nike, Levi’s, Bebe or Forever 21 or enjoy a delicious Starbucks coffee or a glass of wine with some tapas in La Europea Deli and Wine store.

La Quinta Alegria is the place to shop in Playa del Carmen!

Paseo del Carmen

10 & 1st Ave. south between 36 and 37, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Conveniently located at the end of the 5th avenue near the ferry station, Paseo del Carmen is a traditional shopping place for locals and visitors alike. It is ideal to have alfresco meals and margaritas, stroll under the native trees and relax to the sound of the fountains.

Some of the shops that you’ll find in this mall are Zara, Pull and Bear, Oakley, Starbucks and many others. We are sure you will love this location!

 photo Cancun Shopping 1_zpsyjxkzvlt.png

Enjoy the Riviera Maya and Cancun real estate. Relax on the beach, take in some sights, eat at amazing cafes and restaurants, and go shopping. This area provides a plethora of luxury, souvenir, specialty and unique shops… sure to empty you wallet and fill your suitcases.

Playa del Carmen – A Runner’s Paradise!

Playa del Carmen is filled with beach lovers, shoppers, foodies, coffee drinkers and cocktail lovers but here you will also notice that Playa del Carmen is a runners paradise.

Almost everywhere you go, at any time of the day, you will see someone pushing their body to the test as they take the streets and the beaches in Playa del Carmen as their own personal physical fitness zone!  A friend of mine tells her feelings about taking her feet to the streets in Playa del Carmen!

“Why I love running in Playa del Carmen!”

The atmosphere!  Playa del Carmen is upbeat and lively!  My favorite thing to do while I run is to people watch. It helps me get through quite a few miles without even thinking about it! When you run in Playa there are so many things to see and notice. And while most of the time I run a normal route, its different every time!

Flat Streets!  While some may appreciate the challenge every so often, typically daily running is easier on flat land.  The 5th Avenue along with the other streets in Playa del Carmen are generally an easy run!

The Beautiful Beach!  Running on the beach is breathtaking and can certainly give you a little addition to that runners high!  I feel a sense of appreciation and happiness when I run on the beach, remembering that I live in a beautiful paradise.

Staying updated!  I may not get the chance to get out to the beach or the 5th Avenue every day for leisure, but if I run in those areas I can stay updated every day about new changes.  Recently the 5th Avenue has been transforming with new additions and closures. By running I have been able to quickly see what’s going on in the main areas of our beautiful town daily!

When is the best time of day to run in Playa del Carmen?

I enjoy running at all different times of the day!  The mornings are very quiet and is a free range for runners on the 5th Avenue and on the beach.  Enjoy the peace of Playa del Carmen before the town comes alive.  If you are a beach runner you can enjoy a certain calmness in the air, and in the ocean, that is only found early in the day!

Mid-day running in Playa del Carmen can be a little bit hot but it’s a good time to take a shorter run and get a little extra vitamin D!  You may find yourself running more of an obstacle course weaving through the people.

If the main streets are too busy it can be a great chance to explore new neighborhoods and routes in Playa.  Playacar is an incredible area for runners looking for a nice environment and pretty scenery!

Evening running in Playa is very comfortable and a nice time to see Playa in a different light. There are many well lit areas to do your nightly routine safely.

Running is a FREE activity for all ages in Playa del Carmen!  If you are not a full time runner, a light jog a couple times a week or even a daily walk can serve the same purpose!  Running is just one of the many things you can do to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in Playa del Carmen!

The Five Senses of Playa del Carmen

Retirement living in Playa del CarmenPlaya del Carmen is an invigorating beach town awaking all of your senses beyond the norm. With so many things to see, hear, smell, touch and taste you are sure to want to return again and again or join the rest of the expats that have made this wonderful place their home. So what’s different? I believe it is the combination of multi culture, tradition, value of simplicity, love and beauty.


I See Magic!

The ocean gives a different kind of magic in each time of the day. I enjoy the mornings and evenings because of the quiet and peace that it fills me with. But during the day the ocean is moving. There is energy created by beach-goers making a buzz in Playa.


If you venture outside of the beach and up the 5th ave you can see much movement and excitement. One of my favorite things to do on the 5th ave is to have a cup of coffee at Starbucks and people watch. You will see vendors and restaurants busy at work asking you to come try their product. You will see different kinds of entertainment from men dressed as characters, break dancers, street shows, mariachis, etc.

Off the 5th you see what real life is like here in Playa. There are lots of people walking or riding bicycles, Couples holding hands, kids playing in the street, workers working, cats and dogs running around without a leash just having fun and doing what is within our nature. Many of these things are very rare to see in the Midwest where I come from.


Can you smell that?

Ocean and sand! We all are familiar with the great smell of the beach. It’s a smell that tells us to enjoy, relax and let go!


Food! Restaurants, small Mexican kitchens or taco carts are in abundance here. Wherever you go you smell the aroma of food. This is of course why I tend to remain permanently hungry in Playa.


Incense! I have noticed that the use of incense is quite popular here and I smell it a lot on the 5th avenue coming from some stores



This is my personal favorite topic! The food, fruit, and different kinds of drinks here are amazing. There are so many new things to try. From simple to the most exotic kinds of foods, Playa is full of top notch restaurants.

And have you tried the cooking from a local Mexican kitchen, otherwise known as a Fonda? If not then please do! It’s some of the best yet inexpensive food you will eat here. Let’s not forget the availability of wonderful fruits, juices and flavored waters. Have you tried Jamaica (HA-MI-CA) water yet? Here you will find the food is National but also very International so try it all


Hello I Can Hear You!

Well, one of our most incredible senses is our hearing. Each town and city has their own flare to it. So what is different and particular about Playa? Well, for one back in the U.S. I would have never thought I’d be living next door to a rooster but, well now I have one for a neighbor. He sings his song throughout the day but is never bothersome. It actually makes me feel very nice that I have discovered this simplicity to life.


Nature is a noise that you hear often here. The chirping of the various kinds of birds is a common sound. The language! Oh how I love the Spanish language. It sounds so beautiful to me when I hear people talk. I’ve known Spanish for a while, but I still love listening – the new hasn’t worn off! Music is filled in the streets and in the touristic areas day and night including those great mariachis and local musicians.


Retirement living in Playa del CarmenIt feels so Good!

The sand in my feet! It’s perhaps one of the most wonderful feelings for me personally is to feel the sand touch my feet and to touch the water.


“Fish spa” at a cenote! The little tadpoles swim up and eat the dirt off of your feet. It feels ticklish but very neat at the same time.


The wind! Feeling the wind blow against your skin and in your hair is a sweet relaxation.


Playa can take the energy all through your body. Connect with nature and the community. Listen, taste new things and enjoy Playa!

-by Thomas Lloyd


Livin' Playa video interview

Try This Cafe on Fifth Avenue, Playa del Carmen – You Will NOT Regret it!

A “triple treat” restaurant for me is a place that has:


  – great food
  – great service
  – reasonable prices


Most restaurants – anywhere – offer only 2 of the 3. You either have great food and service at a price, cheap but not so tasty food or great food at a reasonable price but no customer service whatsoever.



It saddens me to say this but customer service is not all that great here in Playa del Carmen. While in hotels and fancy restaurants on the popular Fifth Avenue the service is exceptional, the local hangouts are not as lucky. But I’m happy to report that it is getting better. What gives me this ray of sunshine? Let me explain…


The Task of Choosing a Restaurant

Yesterday, we headed out for lunch like we usually do. Listing the places we normally go out loud until we decided on a restaurant. We walked along thinking about all our experiences in different restaurant, some good, some bad. We like to try new places but we often leave feeling more disappointed than satisfied. But that was not the case yesterday.
Retire in Playa del Carmen, MexicoDiscovering a New “Triple Treat” – Hot Baking Company

We decided against all our judgment and the little voice in our head saying ‘Stick to what you know’, to try Hot Baking Company. And, boy, were we surprised. The prices were the first thing we noticed. I’d always thought it was an expensive place but turns out that it is quite reasonable prices. We decided to share some enchiladas. So decision one was out of the way, but the we had the choice of filling (chicken, cheese, beans, etc), the choice of tortilla (blue, flour, wheat, etc), the choice of sauce (red, green, mole, etc) and of course what we wanted on top (onion, lettuce, cream, cheese, etc).



We were a little overwhelmed at first, but then settled on chicken enchiladas, with blue tortillas, mole sauce and everything on top. And what a great decision it was. They also agreed to split the meal on two plates so we could share – we often do this and then if you like it and we are still hungry we order and share another plate. It’s a great way to enjoy a variety of dishes!


To wash down our delicious enchiladas we ordered a chaya (a Mexican green leaf that is great for juicing or with eggs) and mango juice. It was equally delicious and refreshing. After the enchiladas are tummy were still rumbling so we decided to order a salad. Again with the choices- what kind of lettuce or green leaves? What meat (chicken, beef, fish)? What vegetables and cheese, and to top it off a choice of dressing? And again they offered to put the salad into two bowls!


Retire in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Service to Write Home About (or at least a blog …)

We were amazed. The wait staff was attentive, we were happy with the price and the food was very yummy. We will definitely be going back and with 2 locations to choose from (Fifth Avenue or Centro Maya Shopping Mall) it makes the choice of what to eat even easier.


To sum up the whole experience sometimes new it better and yum, yum, yum!


-by Bea Lozano


Awa Condos Playa del Carmen