The Purchasing Process

Kit: The Purchasing Process

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We know that the idea of buying Mexico real estate may be intimidating, and the process may seem complicated and confusing. However, we are here to help guide you through this! Top Mexico Real Estate has experience helping people with buying real estate in Mexico. To ensure that you have all the tools you need, we have captured some of this knowledge in our kit The Purchasing Process

The topics covered in this kit include:

  • The Purchasing Process - learn how foreigners can purchase and hold land in Mexico. How financing works and defining closing costs, including making a purchase decision and working through the purchase decision process
  • Choosing an agent and a neighborhood - Mexico is a large and diverse country, as are the states within it. This section of the kit will help you determine the best way to find the right neighborhood and agent for you!
  • Selecting your property options - understanding common problems with the purchasing process and the best solutions in order to make your purchase decision
  • Three central contracts - learn about how each contract works together in the purchase decision process, including the Offer to Purchase, the Promissory Contract, and the Purchase-Sales Contract.
  • The Mexico Real Estate Closing Process - learn the responsibilities of your attorney during the closing process for a purchase decision when buying Mexico real estate.
  • The Post Closing - understand what happens next, including information on the deed, change of ownership, taxes, utilities, insurance, and other fees.
  • Additional resources.

Anybody looking at buying real estate in Mexico who wants to know more about the purchase decision process should download this kit to learn more and gain additional insight into what the purchasing process looks like.

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