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Riviera Maya Statistics

Kit: Riviera Maya Statistics

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The Riviera Maya in Mexico has gone from several small fishing villages to being a world-renowned vacation mecca. How things have changed in the last few decades! Playa del Carmen and its neighboring towns have experienced a drastic change in tourism. It has been such a phenomenon that several major travel publications have anchored themselves to the Riviera Maya and its growing popularity. If you want to know more about this area, Top Mexico Real Estate offers this free kit to help you understand the region's growth and identify investment opportunities. Listed below are a few topics covered in this kit.

Tourism statistics - According to The United Nations World Tourism Organization, Mexico has successfully reached the sixth position for the most visited country in the world. There are many reasons why Mexico has been steadily climbing to the top of the list. The three most suspected reasons why are:

  • Mexico's favorable currency exchange rate.
  • The affordability to fly to the ultra-modern airport of Cancun.
  • The welcoming environment of this country.

Other reasons include the near-perfect year-round weather, top-notch tourism services, and the fabulous real estate market. You can find more information by downloading this free kit!

The tourism growth rate in the Riviera Maya - The US News & World Report has Cozumel, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen as their top destinations when visiting Mexico. According to several tourism statistics, the Riviera Maya achieved another record-breaking year in 2018. In 2019, the region is expected to see at least a 5.5% increase in tourism with a 4% increase in spending. Several travel publications are predicting that Mexico will again move up on the list of the top ten places to visit in 2020.

Occupancy rates - In past years after peak season, which goes from December through mid-April, the flow of visitors in Playa del Carmen usually starts to wind down. However, Mexico's tourism department has reported only minor decreases in occupancy rates. Instead of experiencing extreme high and low occupancy percentages throughout the year, the trend is becoming more of a consistent occupancy throughout the year. Download this free kit for more details.

Cancun airport statistics - Cancun has eagerly invested 150 million USD in improvements to its airport in the last decade. In 2018, the Cancun International Airport saw over twenty-five million passengers pass through its 3 terminals. This makes it the second busiest airport in Mexico, just behind Mexico City's International Airport. This is sweet music to every type of investor's ears! If you are considering investing in the Riviera Maya, download this free kit about the Riviera Maya tourism statistics.

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