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A growing number of vacationers are beginning to take notice of Mexico’s “other” vacation choice – lakefront towns and ranches in the country’s beautiful central highlands with its rolling hills and wooded countryside.  If you are interested in this option, you’ll want to take a look at Valle del Bravo vacation rentals by owner.


Valle de Bravo is beautiful little town on the shores of Lake Avandaro, about 2 hours away from the trendy west end of Mexico City and about 1 hour from the mid-sized city of Toluca which offers all modern conveniences.  Valle de Bravo itself offers cobble-stone roads and quaint, traditional little white homes.


The typical Valle de Bravo vacation rentals by owner usually offers a large home on the lakefront with lots of space to enjoy your vacations in complete relaxation.  The other option is the nearby ranches which offer direct contact with the picturesque hillsides, creeks and woods where vacationers can ride horses, go for hikes or just enjoy the fresh air!  Whether for a short visit or for longer stays, Valle de Bravo vacation rentals by owner offer prices directly from the owners – this means savings for you!

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