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Yucatan Real Estate; Active Retirement – Activities and Projects

Mitch Keenan,  Broker By Mitch Keenan

A growing number of retirees are choosing Yucatan real estate, not only for the relaxation it offers, but also for the broad range of activities and personal projects available to choose from. Relaxation is best balanced with an active lifestyle for general health and enjoyment, and Yucatan offers an excellent combination of the two.

The tendency to keep active during retirement is reflected in a recent survey of Canadians nearing retirement age. According to the survey 70 % plan not only to keep active, but actually to keep working. For the majority of these, it's not an issue of money. Of these, over 70% indicated that their motivation was to keep "mentally active," while 57% felt that working was a way to keep active socially as well, (with some obvious overlap.) Similar numbers are probably true of Americans.

Considering that working for retirement is a way to keep up mental and social activity, the colonial city of Merida and the surrounding state of Yucatan offer some prime choices for this kind of retirement lifestyle, that may not even feel like work.

One is home renovation. Yucatan real estate offers ideal colonial homes that are in need of some time and investment. Many retirees who haven't had the time for large-scale projects now find they can commit themselves to taking on this kind of fixer-upper home, and convert into a dream home in a warm-weather paradise.

Specialized classes are another choice. Both expat communities and local Mexicans are showing increasing interest in learning any little skill, including items such as yoga, photography or painting. One retiree started giving private English classes to local Mexicans, which he had never done before, but found the activity very rewarding. Retirees can choose their own schedules and hours, making these tasks much more like hobbies than like work. Of course, those who prefer can commit themselves more completely to such a task – there are always people interested.

A small business with specific niche can also be an excellent option. Another retiree, arriving in Mexico, invested some of his savings into opening a small specialty restaurant. The restaurant was a huge success. He had little need for the income, but, again, the feeling of successfully carrying out this project was very rewarding, and gave him a lot to do, keeping active and making many connections with the community. Having a restaurant of this sort had been a dream of his for some time, and moving to Yucatan made this dream easier to carry out financially.

There are all sorts of options in Mexico's economy for small businesses with a variety of time commitments and investment needed.

Of course, for those who prefer to take it easy, spend time travelling, playing golf and having barbeques with the friends, there's plenty of that kind of activity. But for anyone wanting to stay active in some sort of work, it's possible to do so here in a very enjoyable way!

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