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Mexico real estate has a great deal of variety in location styles, property types, views, price ranges, etc.  Yucatan real estate is one of the country’s most interesting markets because it reflects a good deal of this variety.  The following are some options which can be considered.

Colonial Homes

The favorite real estate type in Yucatan is the old colonial homes in the old city of Merida – one of the largest and most beautifully kept-up colonial cities to be found.  These homes can be found completely renovate, combining modern convenience with the old romance which permeates the city.

Beachfront Condos

The entire north coast of the Peninsula belongs to the state of Yucatan, and there are many small communities along the shore.  The favorite of these is the town of Progreso, only 30 minutes from Merida, where nice condos directly overlooking the sand can be found for a good price.

Modern Beachfront Homes

Both in and out of town there are beautiful modern homes with lots of glass and spectacular views of the point where the Caribbean meets the Gulf of Mexico (both sunrise and sunset views!)

Ecological Homes

While there aren’t many of these yet, their popularity is growing and they often present an excellent way to enjoy modern comfort in close contact with nature which allows buyers to know they are taking care of that same nature.  Homes like this are also expected to be a good investment as the popularity of sustainable real estate grows worldwide.


Golf Course Properties

Beautiful, world-class golf courses offer splendid views and very relaxing, natural settings for upscale homes and condos.  They are typically also a short drive to the city and to the beach.

Countryside Estates

In the countryside surrounding Merida, there are beautiful, large estates with nice, comfortable homes, as well as rustic hobby farms where owners enjoy horseback riding and a relaxing country lifestyle.  The best part is that they are much more affordable here!

Old Haciendas

Yucatan’s countryside used to be divided up among the wealthy upper class which owned beautiful classic haciendas; while this upper class has disappeared or transformed, many of the old haciendas remain, and some are available for sale.  They generally make good investment for tourism-oriented business.

These examples do not cover all the variety in Yucatan, but give an idea of how this little corner of Mexico can appeal to just about anyone.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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