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Guadalupe Duran

Merida, Yucatan Top Broker

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Guadalupe Duran

Merida, Yucatan Top Broker

I met Lupita Duran 18 years ago in my first course to learn more about Mexico's real estate at LaSalle university back in 2004.

It was a small class, and each of us in that class became close. High respect grew amongst us all but more so between another friend, Hector Moreno, Lupita Duran, and myself.

Each of us continued many years in the industry. Our paths crossed many, many times throughout the years, even though Lupita moved to Merida Yucatan to continue her career in this nearby state.

There was a reason why I invited Lupita to be a Top Broker on my website.

I trusted Lupita's judgments. I trusted Lupita's experience and opinions.

There is no better reason than I can demonstrate this fact more than placing her as my only trusted broker in all of the Yucatan state, recommending her to all of my prospects searching for real estate in her region.

She had fun in real estate.
She had great passion and great ideas and could work 12 hour days and 7 day weeks.
She loved helping non-Mexicans learn about buying in Mexico.
She gave me energy.
She gave me inspiration.
She will be greatly missed in our industry.
She will be greatly missed by Bea and me.

She loved the idea that we were helping Americans, Canadians and other non-Mexicans make their long life dreams come true by owning property in our beautiful country of Mexico... rest in peace, Lupita.

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