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The Playa del Carmen Real Estate market has had the benefit of being in Latin America's fastest growing community for several years now, and there are no signs of slowing down any time soon. This growth means that property here, including Playa del Carmen Land, remains one of the strongest investment possibilities.

Playa del Carmen - Fastest growing city in Latin America!  

Playa del Carmen is currently at the focal point of some major projects to bring growth to the area. The Cancun international airport has added a second runway, to develop its role as an international air-travel hub, and develop the areas potential for international business convention tourism; Playa del Carmen and the surrounding area known as the Riviera Maya have already been seeing their share of this branch of tourism with high-profile meetings such the Rio Group-Caribbean Community Unity Summit, for Latin American and Caribbean states.


The new Riviera Maya International Airport is in planning stages, being built both to address needs from the rapid growth of Playa del Carmen and the nearby communities, and to promote this same growth.


With an up-coming election for state governor, one main candidate has already expressed the idea of developing the new airport as a second international travel hub, like the one in Cancun. This means that both of the airports serving Playa del Carmen will continue to highlight the area on the map as a place of international importance.


With these factors in place, it is likely that Playa del Carmen will continue growing quickly; perhaps the only obstacle to retaining the ranking of #1 in Latin America is the new growth expected in the nearby community of Tulum, where the new airport is going to be built, about 45 minutes away from Playa del Carmen.


The success of Playa del Carmen, the new airport, growing tourist attention and a well-developed urban growth plan all point to the possibility of Tulum Real Estate development and sales outpacing Playa; not because of any decrease in Playa, but because a sharp increase in Tulum.


The communities are interconnected in their tourism strength and high-quality beachfront lifestyle; in both cases, these promising factors points to excellent opportunities in buying land to develop, taking advantage of the growth to invest.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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