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Buying Cancun Land – Is It Still Worth While?

Thomas Lloyd,  Broker By Thomas Lloyd

Buyers have many motivations for buying Mexico land as opposed to ready to use properties. Cancun land is a slightly different case, since there's very little of it available in the areas most expats consider, and sometimes the prices are fairly high. Under certain circumstances, buying land in Cancun can be a viable choice, including:

You are building a home in the outlying areas with close access to the beachfront. Cancun is a growing community, and there are a few communities near beachfront areas or near the access to the hotel area where lots are available for good prices, and it is worth while, financially speaking, to buy a lot and have a home built.

You have a specific design in mind. Beachfront homes in Cancun, especially custom designed, tend to be very expensive. While lots on the beachfront are likewise expensive, the lots mentioned above can be used to build a very specific home design, that might be difficult to find, or be very expensive if it is available.

You are building for commercial purposes. Cancun has a growing economy, and supports a large variety of business investment. This means investors with a well-thought out business plan should be able to find businesses to rent their space.

On the whole, Cancun property investment also offers advantages over buying in other areas, which extend to land purchases. These advantages include:

  • A thriving tourism industry. Cancun welcomes more visitors annually than any other location in Mexico. This means that new, world-class services continue to appear, adding to the very wide range which already exists. Excellent shopping, international restaurants, state-of-the-art hospitals and new roads and highways are only a few examples the benefits residents enjoy, which in turn benefit investors.

  • A carefully laid out city plan. Cancun was created for tourism, and the city's plan reflects this. Wide access roads which minimize traffic, and make access easy to the benefits mentioned above, picturesque boulevards, large new park projects and a careful design to ensure that tourist areas retain a positive image are all part of this plan.

  • An economic growth plan, which constantly redefines and updates the city's tourism promotion, finding new branches of tourism in which Cancun can excel. A recent step in promoting Cancun's global role in tourism was to expand the international airport, moving towards developing it as hub for intercontinental air travel.

A buyer considering land in Cancun should contact an experienced agent to ensure they find the best lot for their needs, and that they take full advantage of Cancun's economic benefits.

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