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Mexico Homes – What You Can Get For Under $100,000 – Yucatan

Thomas Lloyd,  Broker By Thomas Lloyd

Mexico homes in the city of Merida and the surrounding state of Yucatan are known for their excellent combination of a rich, historical culture, a colonial urban image, a low cost of living, and very accessible property prices. For this reason, it's not hard to find Yucatan homes for under $100,000 USD – in fact, some reasonable possibilities are well under $40,000 USD.

The following are 3 properties located in the historic neighborhood known as Santiago, which represent the possibilities for just under $100,000. Does one of them catch your attention?

1. 3 Bedroom Home – Historic Colonial Center - $99,900 USD

This home offers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and full kitchen, living and dining room. While the home will need minor redecoration, it has huge amounts of colonial potential, and is located in a very desirable area only two streets away from the Santiago's beautiful central park. It is within walking distance of many of the attractions and amenities of Merida's colonial downtown, and an ideal investment for an affordable, but comfortable retirement.

2. 4 bedroom Home – Historic Colonial Center - $89,000 USD

This 4 bedroom home comes with 2 bathrooms, and is located on a spacious lot of 270 M2 (about 3000 sq. ft.!) It is also located only 3 streets away from the park in Santiago. Just about all the homes on this street have been restored, and this is one of the last colonial renovation projects available to enjoy live in an up-and-coming neighborhood for a very accessible price. It is a short walk away from the main plaza, and from the neighborhood market, where there is an excellent selection of fresh fruit and vegetables for a very low price. Owning a home like this one makes it easy to be active and healthy in a beautiful city, living the way you've always wanted to!

3. Spacious Home – Historic Colonial Center - $79,000 USD

This home includes a large back yard and offers great potential as a renovation project. Also located in the Santiago neighborhood, it is a very affordable option in a trendy location. Likewise, it is walking distance to all the romance of Merida's historic city center.

These very affordable and high-potential options in Merida are just a small sample of what one excellent neighborhood can offer. As mentioned above, there are even lower priced options, making it easy to start a colonial project. There are also newer neighborhoods in Merida, and the surrounding towns, only a short drive away, include many excellent homes with large lawns within this price range. Even Yucatan homes in towns along the beachfront (only a short walk away), which is only 30 minutes away from Merida at the closest point can be found for surprisingly accessible prices. Consider buying a home in Yucatan!

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