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Mexico Real Estate Guide E-Book – Your Guide to the Basics

Thomas Lloyd,  Broker By Thomas Lloyd

Have you thought about buying Mexico real estate? If so, how have you prepared for in another country?

If you haven't thought about it yet, it's important to realize that buying in Mexico is different from buying in the U.S. or Canada. There are a few basic differences you need to understand, as well as important steps to ensure that you protect yourself from falling into traps that so many buyers repeat, unnecessarily.

A basic outline of these can be found in Mexico real estate guide, some of which are available online in e-book format, often even free. A guide from professional and experienced professionals will provide the following information.

Differences in Laws Protecting Buyers/Sellers. In Canada and the U.S. there are laws requiring a certain level of professional qualifications and defining relationships between agents, buyers and sellers. In Mexico, these laws often do not exist, so buyers will need to be aware of what is going on.

Property Ownership Differences. Foreigners can own Mexico real estate in all parts of the country. In certain areas, known as the "restricted area," however, there are certain measures which need to be take in order to allow a non-Mexican to hold the rights of ownership. While the process is entirely safe, buyers need to know what steps and costs are involved.

Steps involved in the Buying Process. Since the industry works in a different way, it is important to be familiar with the steps involved in purchasing a property, in closing, and the approximate costs involved.

How to Choose a Team of Professionals. The people a buyer will need to work with in Mexico is similar to in the U.S. or Canada, but some of the roles and qualifications to do the work are different, such as the Notary Public. It is important to know who to look for.

Selecting a Real Estate Agent. Because of the differences that exist, it is important for buyers new to Mexico to work with a reliable agent, and it is important that this agent is experienced, and professionally qualified. A guide will outline how to search for this agent, and what qualifications to check for.

This final point will be the most important to start off a real estate search on the right foot. A qualified, reliable agent will point to other qualified professionals, and provide the information needed for each buyer to acquire their property safely.

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Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments. He has been living, investing, and working professionally in Mexico for over 15 years. A Mexican Certified Realtor he is the current president of TOPmexicorealestate, you can contact him at (512) 879-6546.

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