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A Mexico real estate option which has been gaining popularity in a variety of areas is the of fixer-uppers. More buyers are finding Mexico homes for sale at lower prices that are well designed and well built, but are in need of some care, or even a complete renovation.

The classic locations for homes like this are the colonial cities and towns. A few examples include Mazatlan on the Pacific Coast, San Miguel de Allende the central interior, or Merida on the Yucatan Peninsula. Americans and Canadians are lured by the charm of living in an old colonial community, and can buy an old, traditional Mexican home for a very reasonable price.

After renovation, they can enjoy life in a community full of tradition, culture, and very friendly people. Local markets within walking distance offer lifestyle that most North Americans only dream, and often associate with Europe or other places where prices are just too inaccessibly high.

Another growing option has been that of a fixer-upper in the newer tourism communities. An example is Playa del Carmen homes for sale; although the community was little more than a fishing village until the 80's or even 90's, some of the original homes built when the city first started expanding around the downtown area were really well build, offer a spacious design, but have been neglected or never completely finished.

A number of American and Canadian buyers have already begun buying in one community in particular that was originally a working-class settlement, but is a very short walk from the beach, and is now seeing upscale hotel complexes go in on the beachfront.

For those who enjoy a project, and would like to own a beautiful home in Mexico for price well below what would otherwise be asked, a fixer-upper is good option. Regardless of which city or area a buyer is interested in, those who enjoy renovation should ask their agent about the availability of this kind of home.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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