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On the Mexican Caribbean, Mexico condos for sale abound.  For this very reason, it is worth exploring some of the variety available.  Here we will consider condos for sale in Akumal real estate and Costa Maya real estate areas – both areas which show promise of benefiting from the southward growth of real estate and tourism along Mexico’s Caribbean shore.


Akumal is located just north of Tulum, or in other words, almost at the end of the part of the Mexican Caribbean which currently gets the most attention from tourism and real estate buyers.  Tulum, which is the “end of the road,” so to speak, is just beginning its real estate boom, and the town is showing promise to grow quickly following the success of Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  There are plans for a new international airport, tourism is already growing and investors are buying up land.  As this process continues, something interesting is likely to happen; what was once the “end of the road” will become something more like the middle.  Tourism will continue to look southward to the more distant parts of the Mexican Caribbean.

This means that Akumal will be part of this new central area on the Mexican Caribbean.  While it’s likely to keep its village atmosphere, it will be very close to two of the area’s main communities – Playa del Carmen and Tulum.  It will also be very close to the new international airport coming up in Tulum.

This means that those who buy condos now will gain a double benefit; one is that the existing conveniences within a short driving distance will become even more, improving the quality of life.  The other is that there will be an increasing rental market.  Homes and condos in Akumal already hold high appeal for vacation renters.  This means full-time investors,  vacationers and retirees who use their property only part of the year can all benefit from this situation.

Costa Maya

Costa Maya is the area where the change is likely to be seen the most directly; it is the southern part of the Mexican Caribbean.  While Tulum and Akumal will benefit as the newly growing central area of a larger tourism region, Costa Maya shows promise to grow as the new “end of the road” – a longer and bigger road that will continue to draw more and more tourists from all over the world.

Costa Maya already draws tourists, just like it already offers nice condos.  The tourists, however, are low in number, and come mostly from passing cruise ships.  The beautiful beachfront condos offer the best of both aspects – nice, upscale properties and wide, soft and beautiful beaches.  One of the most important aspects is that the prices are very low considering the beachfront location.

Costa Maya is the last undeveloped stretch of the Mexican Caribbean; as tourism attention continues to move southward, however, this will change.  It is unlikely that there will be sweeping changes and a mass development of the area, but it is very likely that there will be a constant growth in demand as this last part of the Mexican Caribbean begins to register on international tourism and real estate radar.  This means that values will increase and some new services will appear – a point which admittedly is lacking in Costa Maya these days; many current expats enjoy the quiet, unrushed lifestyle even if it isn’t “convenient” in the conventional sense.

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