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If you are a real estate buyer who has done a little homework concerning Mexico land for sale, you will have heard of the potential currently to be found in Tulum real estate.  Yet, Tulum land for sale is not only for the seasoned investor comparing markets; it offers a variety of options hold appeal for most buyers.  The following are some of those options.


Eco land

This is probably the kind of land for sale that most defines Tulum’s culture and distinction in lifestyle atmosphere.  Since tourist first started arriving in Tulum from Cancun to visit the town’s beautiful pyramids overlooking the beaches from a hilltop, eco-hotels began to show up which offer visitors a stay on the beach in a cabin with no electricity, where they can enjoy the light of the stars and the sounds of nature directly.

Lots in ecological developments allow buyers to build a home which runs on alternative energy sources like solar panels and wind power, (with generators for back up,) making day to day life comfortable, but no less in contact with the surrounding nature which is carefully preserved and integrated into the community and even into the infrastructure.

Development land

This is probably the type of land for sale which offers the broadest appeal to buyers in general.  Upscale developments are beginning to appear which offer fully modern infrastructure, all modern utilities and connections (including high-speed internet) and sometimes even village center areas with services, shops and restaurants.

Buyers are sold clean, prepared lots ready for building with all connections set up.  Nice roadways and an established “atmosphere theme” guarantee that the community will develop nicely and offer added value to what buyers invest into construction.  While these are less eco-oriented than the option in the last section, they also carefully integrate trees and natural areas, as well as often using rustic themes to offer a very pleasant lifestyle atmosphere in keeping with Tulum’s main appeal.  This option can offer appeal to both ecological and luxury lifestyles, or a combination of the two.


This kind of development tends to be very close to the beachfront and town center, while the eco-developments tend to be back in the bush a little more (with close highway access, of course) emphasizing access to and contact with nature.  For this reason as well, the more upscale developments generally hold higher appeal offering access to beaches that many consider to be among the most beautiful in the world; Tulum’s beaches are consistently showing up on international Top 10 lists for beaches around the world.

Commercial land

Since Tulum is expected to grow rapidly in the near future, there will also be growth in commercial demand.  Land designated for commercial use can appeal to larger investors as well as smaller investors considering tapping into Tulum’s growing commercial activity through a small business.  This kind of purchase, of course, would generally hold higher appeal for investment-oriented buyers who are interested in improving a lot for personal business, rental or later resale.


Raw land

This kind of land holds the most appeal to those either purely interested in investment or those with a good deal of creativity and foresight.  While raw land is usually the lowest cost in terms of price/square meter, it is also sold without connections and perhaps without direct access to nicely developed roads.  This kind of lot holds the highest investment potential, but also requires the most amount of planning and dependency on future infrastructure expansion.

Each one of these kinds of land holds high potential for investment and appeals to a different kind of buyer.  An experienced agent will be able to help any given buyer select a good property in the style most suitable for their needs.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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