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For Canadians these days, a vacation home is truly a luxury; recent reports state that the average price for a vacation home in Canada is $1 million dollars – and this is just average.  Canadians will do well to consider options like Puerto Vallarta real estate, where either those million dollars will go a whole lot further towards luxury Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale, or, on the other hand, they can find a very nice Puerto Vallarta home for sale at a much lower price.  The following are some of the advantages of buying in Puerto Vallarta for Canadians.

Prices are lower – As already stated, Canadian buyers can expect either to spend less in Puerto Vallarta, or get more for their money.  A luxury beachfront home going for $1 million will find no comparison for anywhere near that price in an “average” Canadian vacation property.  On the other hand, those on a tighter budget who simply can’t consider buying in Canada since prices have skyrocketed can find nice homes for a fraction of that price, or a comfortable condo.  Many nice options also exist just a little back from the beach, or on the picturesque hillsides with splendid views.  Properties in Puerto Vallarta are sold in US dollars, and these days the Canadian dollar is comparing favorably to the U.S. dollar, hovering around par.


It’s warm – This is always a big point; a vacation property in Canada will either only be usable for a few months of the year, or will offer an excellent place to shut yourself in and escape the freezing cold snow.  Why not just escape the snow all together?  In Puerto Vallarta, the average year round temperature of 25 degrees.  You can enjoy an in-door/out-door any month.


The cost of living is lower – Besides offering savings on the property, the cost of living, vacationing, activities, etc., is lower.  Eating out, going on a tour, enjoying water sports, going deep-sea fishing, renting a car, etc., will all be surprisingly affordable.  Most of this is usually charged in pesos, so this means Canadian dollars will go even further.


It’s on an oceanfront beach – Well, there are some beaches in Canada, but again, they’re cold most of the year, and most of us couldn’t dream of affording property on them.


It’s close to home – Arriving to Puerto Vallarta by plane is usually between 3 and 5 hours.  This is less than flying across Canada.  The prices are generally very accessible too.

Canadians struggling to find a comfortable and affordable vacation home should stop struggling; it would be that much easier just to buy in Puerto Vallarta, and enjoy warm weather whenever they want it.

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