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Puerto Vallarta beachfront property is among the most desired real estate in the world. Puerto Vallarta is ideally located on Banderas Bay, which offers some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Rainy days are few and far between, and the average temperature is a comfortable 73°F; so, whenever you are in the mood for enjoying the beach and any oceanfront activities Puerto Vallarta has them all it's always the perfect day.

Any kind of real estate can be found among Puerto Vallarta beachfront properties, from high-rise condos to luxury villas. While the Banderas Bay shoreline extents for about 25 miles, the market of Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale stretches out another 10 miles, offering hundreds of beautiful properties. These beachfront properties not only offer an amazing view of the ocean, but also an awe-inspiring view of the Sierra Madre Mountains, with nature and beauty to be seen on all sides. The near-by properties on the city's hillside offer equally splendid views.

Puerto Vallarta has a population of 350,000, and of those 50,000 are ex-pats who have already made the move to make this perfect beachfront destination their home. And they're here for many good reasons. The city has a large number of international stores, such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sam's, Office Max, as well as many large, up-to-date Mexican stores, which offer anything you would ever need for day to day life. Puerto Vallarta beachfront properties also include all modern services, including high-speed internet and satellite TV. There are several up-to-date hospitals and dental clinics with top of the line equipment and doctors trained in the U.S.

Life on Puerto Vallarta's beaches includes all beach and ocean activities, such as sport fishing, boating or surfing. In the city you can also find parks, botanical gardens, professional golf courses, to name only a few of the many activities. In a city whose economy is based purely in tourism, many of the residents have learned English and so it is easy to communicate with locals.

Puerto Vallarta, set right in the heart of the Mexican Riviera, also has the benefit of never being far from home; it is only a few hours away from any major American or Canadian airport. Also, the cost of living is average for this area, which is significantly lower than similar destinations in the U.S. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect beachfront location. To start searching for your ideal property of Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale contact the TOPMexicoRealEstate NETWORK; "Your Expert Property-Finders."

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