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When you visit a beach, are you most concerned about the beauty of the surrounding nature, and protecting this same nature?  If so, then Akumal Beach is most certainly the beach for you, combining the beauty of the beaches in the Riviera Maya with splendid nature and a culture to care for that nature.

Akumal has been called a “home for the turtles” and this is true, not only because of the natural turtle habitat, but also because of the efforts to protect this habitat; careful protection of key nesting and habitat areas is balanced with activities like snorkeling where you can enjoy seeing these same sea turtles without causing them any harm.


While the beaches are a natural paradise, the village itself is very rustic and quaint with thatched roofs, both rustic and luxury homes, and a culture for environmental care and local artwork.  Walking through the village, you almost feel like you are still in the jungle.

The village offers handicraft shops, nice restaurants and cafes.  It also includes Ecological center with lots of information and presentations open for all.  There are protected sand-dunes which you can see and tours where you can find out how to make an ecological water-purifying garden.

Akumal is located only minutes away from Tulum, and also not far from Playa del Carmen.  When you arrive at the highway, you might not notice that there is anything there; while the distance from the highway to the village on the beach is walkable, it’s simply too small to notice from the highway side.

The village simple; arriving, you see some parking areas in what looks more like a natural park than a town.  Nearby you will see two grocery stores that sell a bit of everything, but could only be called “large” in the context of this village.  Walking around, you will find the restaurants, cafes and handicraft shops that have thatched roofs I mentioned above; they are still surrounded by what most people would consider “jungle.”

Many of the homes, whether rustic or luxury in their appearance include sustainable and environment-friendly features to minimize impact on the jungle, the beaches and the sensitive coral reef biosphere.  In Akumal, it’s very important for residents and visitors to preserve the jungle, beaches, turtles and coral reef which attracted them there in the first place!

Visit Akumal and you will finally find a place where you can enjoy beachfront paradise and a culture for caring for nature at the same time!

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