Calling all Divers to Cozumel!!!

Among the many possibilities you have here in the Riviera Maya to explore beauty and nature you have diving.


While some prefer to do a small snorkel, there are a ton of die-hard diver fans out there that travel from all over to arrive here to the Riviera Maya and Cozumel where you can experience the second largest coral reef in the world. There are even many expats living here just for this reason along with many tourists who flock here to explore the beauty and magic under the surface of the sea.


If you are one of these people then this may interest you:


June 24th-30th 2013 (that’s NOW!) is Diver’s Week in Cozumel where many hotels, restaurants and merchants will be offering great discounts for you divers out there who are participating in underwater activities during this time.


Along with a great diving experience and a nice vacation to boot, you can be part of some of the ongoing festivities including a special gala dinner, various parties and conferences. Also, you can search some special sales on your diving equipment! If you are already here and you love to dive this can be an incredible excuse to spend a few days in Cozumel, get underwater, meet other fellow divers and take advantage of great deals!


For more details about the event click here.


– by Bea Lozano


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See a Whole New World; Diving in The Coral Reef

Living in MexicoThere are many places to go diving all over the world. But I don’t have to go very far. Living in Mexico gives me a great chance to keep my diving skills sharp, and my mind clear.


Off the coast of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel is the second largest reef in the world. It’s full of all kinds of colorful animals. Fish, squid, octopus, eels, stingrays and all the extras like coral formations and structures. Its like an underwater museum that never closes, it just changes and becomes more amazing.


Take night diving for example. I few weeks ago we went for a night dive. I must admit I was pretty scared to jump into the ocean at 7pm at night, but I was also so excited to see a different kind of coral reef. The animals that you see during the day are amazing; don’t get me wrong, but at night the atmosphere changes completely.


You can see different fish and some animals that I have never seen before. The water seems so much calmer and quiet with the hustle and bustle of the day gone. The animals seem to relax back into their natural routine, like they are not on display anymore. Its almost like they are off the clock.


And don’t freak out about not being able to see, you are armed with a flashlight that helps you eyes focus on what is in front of you. During a day dive, you eyes tend to wander around, but on a night dive you are focus and everything is a new surprise.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely


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