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What are the 10 Best Places to Retire in Mexico?

Thomas Lloyd,  Broker By Thomas Lloyd

If you are planning to retire in Mexico, you've probably wondered and started investigating what the 10 best places to retire in Mexico. While there is definitely a factor of opinion or personal taste involved, a group of experts have decided to help you identify 10 of the ideal choices in Mexico which offer the features most retires are looking for, and cover a variety of tastes and lifestyles, giving options which you can be confident will be good.

The factors we used to choose these places include:

Warm Weather. One of the main motivations for Americans and Canadians to retire in Mexico is to escape the cold winters; you've already put yourself through far too many of these! The areas include very warm beachfront locations, where the coldest winter nights never drop below 65, and the hottest summer days can read as high as 100. Some areas are a bit more temperate with average temperatures ranging from about 55 at the very coldest to 90 during sunny days in July.

Cost of Living in Mexico Another key motivation for retirees to move to Mexico is to make retirement savings last longer. The top Mexican retirement destinations vary in cost of living, but all offer a varying degree of services and luxury, always noticeably less than a similar lifestyle in the U.S. and Canada.

Services. Different retirees have different needs, but each of the areas includes at least the basic services needed for retirees, ranging from modern cities with all the same modern services as back home, to quieter villages with the basics, and more complete options a reasonable drive away. Top-of-the-line health care is always available at a fraction of the cost of U.S. private healthcare.

Sights, Events and Activities. After covering the basics, we always enjoy some new experiences in life; ancient pyramids, colonial cities, annual Carnivals, beachfront jazz festivals, traditional Mexican music and spectacular celebrations for traditional holidays are just a few of the items which retirees can enjoy in various areas of Mexico.

Nature. Besides beautiful beaches, Mexico offers large natural reserves with incredible opportunities to observe wildlife, such as flamingos or dolphins. Sailing, fishing or relaxing bike rides through rolling hills are other ways to enjoy Mexico's beautiful nature.

The places on the list include everything from modern beachfront resort cities to classic old colonial cities, and charming lakefront towns. Regardless of your taste, you will certainly find an ideal location.

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