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If you are considering a Playa del Carmen retirement, you have probably started considering which type of Playa del Carmen real estate is best for your retirement needs.  One option which buyers often wonder about is Playa del Carmen land for sale to have a home built.  The following is a brief description of what main aspect of this option to help you decide if it is right for you.


One of the main factors to consider is the location.  Because of supply and demand factors, the price of land downtown Playa del Carmen has increased significantly over the last decade.  However, there are a number of excellent areas that retirees could consider for well-priced land.  If you are like most retirees, you will probably prefer to be away from the main noise and activity of the touristy downtown area anyway.  The following locations offer excellent options for lifestyle – as you will see, each one is unique:

  • Gated Communities – Some new gated communities offer lots for sale.  These include newly developing areas out along the beachfront, as well as new gated communities a little back from the beach.  Most of these are within walking distance.  Any others would be a short drive or taxi ride away.  (Fortunately, taxi drives are very cheap in Playa del Carmen, rarely going over $5, and often as low as $2.)  Gated communities offer exclusivity and a quiet, relaxing lifestyle.  This is also true of any of Playa del Carmen upscale golf course communities.
  • Back from the Beach – There are a handful of communities just on the edge of downtown, away from the beach. While these are outside of the normal walking distance, they are within easy reach again by taxi. These areas have more the feel of little neighborhoods; there are many small parks that serve as community gathering points and are nice places to sit down and enjoy the warm weather and fresh air.  While the main activity of dining and bars is right down by the beach, there are some nice pizza shops, cafes, bakeries and local restaurants.


  • Gentrifying Communities Near the Beach – One option which more and more Canadians and Americans are beginning to pay attention to are a handful of communities which sprouted up along the beachfront during the first few years of Playa del Carmen’s growth, founded mostly by lower-income locals.  Yet, because of their excellent location (walking distance from the beach and often from downtown,) two developments have taken place.  The original owners, on one hand, have saved up and built really nice homes; expats, on the other hand, have noticed that some pockets have been becoming nicer and nicer, yet still offer lots for very cheap prices.



Another factor to consider is the pricing.  While the land downtown has become fairly expensive, the three options mentioned above still offer land at low prices, offering retirees the chance to save money on their overall purchase.  The other point which buying land offers is that retirees can buy now, and wait for a time before investing in building their home.  If you are buying ahead of time, this is an ideal option, since it allows you to defer you expenses without getting a loan.

Custom Design

Of course, like anywhere else, if you buy land for your retirement in Playa del Carmen you can have your dream home built the way you want it!

While buying land isn’t right for everyone’s retirement, it may very well be the right thing for you.  Talk to a professional, experienced agent to help you decide.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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