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Puerto Vallarta real estate and Cancun real estate are both resort cities right on Mexico's beachfront. So when it comes to buying Mexico beachfront for sale in either location, you're more or less getting the same thing, right? Wrong.   If you've ever been to both, you would know that this definitely not true.   Let's take a look at some of the differences.


To start off, it's important to note that they do share in common beautiful beaches, warm weather and a low cost of living.   Yet the character of each community is distinct.


Old Town - New Town - Although both definitely have their fair share of beachfront resorts and modern high-rise condos, at the heart of Puerto Vallarta lies an old fishing town that still has its narrow cobble-stone roads lined with little white homes with red-clay roofs.   At the heart of Cancun, which was created from scratch just over 40 years ago, is a series of large stores and malls, along with wide, picturesque avenues and boulevards. Both have their own appeal.

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Beachfront Community Style - Puerto Vallarta grew up around the old town, which is located directly on the beachfront.   Because of this and the geographical location between the beach and the hills, the entire city has kind of stretched out along the beachfront, creating a wider variety of locations with access.   Cancun's beachfront “Hotel Zone,” where most of the high-rise condos are located, is separated from downtown by a large lagoon, creating the appeal of a more exclusive beachfront area.


Sunsets - Sunrises - This is a basic geographical difference.   Puerto Vallarta is on the Pacific, facing west, so many properties enjoy splendid views of sunsets.   Cancun, on the other hand, faces east, and while beautiful sunsets are seen in December and January in some locations, it's the sunrises that offer the most awe-inspiring views.


Travel Options - Central Mexico - Yucatan - Puerto Vallarta is a relatively short distance from colonial cities like Guadalajara or the Tequila region where the liquor was invented.   Cancun is much closer to Mayan ruins, and colonial cities like Merida which have a much more distinctly Yucatan/Mayan flavour to them.


If you're unsure which has more appeal to you, take a look at pictures on the internet, and maybe even plan a trip to visit both; I can guarantee you won't regret either trip!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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