BPM Music Festival – Playa del Carmen’s Prime Yearly Event!

Among the many events in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya each year, is the BPM Music Festival, bringing the most people to the area than any other consecutive two weeks out of the year.  While the music may not be for everyone, this music festival is a major event in Playa del Carmen bringing in a ton of money for all businesses, service workers and owners of real estate in Playa del Carmen!

Playa del Carmen is a Place for Everyone to Share Happily!

It is also the time of year when you see an incredible mix of people from all over the world, every age, and every status!  It is incredible when you can find a place that can accommodate every taste, every style, every preference and way of life!  Playa del Carmen is just that…A place for everyone!

If you are not a fan of the electro style music, other people still enjoy enjoy the sheer energy of Playa del Carmen during this time of year.  There are many people filling up the main streets, walking, shopping and gazing around.

Great Entertainment in Playa del Carmen!

It is a great time of year to seek entertainment any night of the week.  Every night you can find live bands, fire shows, specialty dancers and performers.

Restaurants tend to fill up during the days of the BPM, so make reservations and have a little extra patience for your server!  I should mention that service workers wait all year for January to come!  Most servers, bartenders and managers work 7 days a week and long hours to keep up with the crowds and demand.

BPM Beach Club Locations!

Many of the BPM festivities will be held at the major beach clubs in the downtown area of Playa del Camren.  The areas you can expect to see the biggest crowds (day and night) are Cannibal Royal, Mamita’s Beach, Kool Beach, Blue Parrot and Coco Maya!

Quieter Beaches around Playa del Carmen!

If you are not a fan of the music, or the crowds, t-ere are still plenty of beaches left for an easy relaxing day!   If quiet is what you are searching the best spot to lay down your towel is in Playacar.  And don’t forget there are other beautiful Riviera Maya beaches just a short drive away in Xpu-Ha, Xcacel, Tulum and Akumal.

If you are in Playa del Carmen already, enjoy the season all that beautiful Playa del Carmen has to offer.  For more news on upcoming Events in Playa del Carmen find us on Facebook to keep up with the latest!

The Famous Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue – Food, Shopping, Entertainment, Future!

Tourists from all over the world come to Playa del Carmen for the beautiful beaches and unlimited doses of sunshine!  But there’s something else that makes this chic beach town a little extra special!  The Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue is a well-known and well-loved pedestrian walk way in Playa del Carmen, housing some of the best in dining, shopping and entertainment in the entire Riviera Maya!

When I first came to Playa del Carmen many years ago, there was not much to be said of the 5th Avenue. In fact, Playa was simply a small fisherman’s village where you can find plenty of simplicity!  Now times have changed, and now Playa is an ultimate tourist and retirement destination, with many conveniences and plenty of entertainment!

Why we love 5th!

The Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue is a mostly pedestrian walkway made of cobblestone and a ton of charm! You can spend the day people watching, take a nice walk, go for a jog, grab a book and enjoy a nice quiet morning at Starbucks, go for a delicious breakfast, grab a coconut refreshment, purchase an excursion, splurge on a shopping spree, indulge in a massage or spa treatment, braid your hair, you name it!

The Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue is a place for everyone to enjoy the things they love all in one beautiful pathway!

Love in the form of food!

One of the features that makes Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue so popular is the wide array of delicious National and International food options!  You can find everything from fine Italian dining, to authentic Mexican food selections, to French bistros, to Argentinian steak houses, to incredible sushi and great pizza!  The dining options range from classy fine dining selections to casual and affordable!  But no matter the price, it’s all great!

Shop your little heart out!

The Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue has everything from cheesy souvenir shops to high end luxury shopping, and everything in between!  If you forgot your swimsuit, broke your sunglasses, or love the feel of a new dress, or pair of heels, you can find it here!  You can find familiar stores like Nike, The Sunglass Hut, Forever 21, Roxy, Nine West, Pandora, The Body Shop, as well as plenty of small specialty boutiques and name brand shopping!

Be Amused! 

Believe it or not the Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue is filled with entertainment day and night!  You may notice mariachis, local musicians performing your favorite tunes, and Fire Show performers showing you their talents right on the street!  If you are walking down the 5th at night you are sure to come across bars showcasing live band performances.  Stop, have a drink, and relax enjoying great laid back entertainment!

Have Faith! 

Right there in the southern end of Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue, is a cute small little church where many go to enjoy mass, to find a quiet peaceful moment or to celebrate life or love!

The Future! The Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue has been an ever changing and ever moving project over the years, and it is expected to continue to grow!  Recently the town completed a major expansion of the beautiful cobblestone walk way, far to the North of Playa, and is it expected to continue even further to accommodate easy access from new residential neighborhoods and resorts in the area.

Within the next couple years we are sure to see added retail, entertainment and dining options fill into the new section of the 5th Avenue!

In this moment we are waiting to see what will become of the old Calle Corazon, and other areas that have been recently bought out by a major investor, coming with plans to add new major retail and hotel options.

If you have never been to this famous staple of Playa del Carmen, is surely a must do if you are in the Riviera Maya this season!  It is the perfect meeting spot, and a place to enjoy, during anytime of the day or night!

New Mall Making Holiday Shopping in Playa del Carmen a success!

Just in time for the holiday season, we are finally seeing Playa del Carmen’s newest and most anxiously awaited project now completed and ready for the high season and Christmas shopping in Playa del Carmen!  If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about the new Quinta Alegria Mall, located directly on the 5th Avenue in the heart of Playa del Carmen!

For many months we have heard countless rumors about what stores we would see welcomed to Playa del Carmen.  There were many hopes of an H&M and Victoria Secrets, as well as a Cheesecake factory and other beloved American Brands.

While some of these rumors did not prove to be true we still have a final result that is pleasing to many expats who live in Playa as well as favored shopping options for tourists!

So what can you expect to see added to your selection for shopping in Playa del Carmen this holiday season?

  • Sanbourns! Mexico’s well known and loved department store and restaurant selling everything from books, to sunglasses, to perfumes and makeup, to DVD’s and electronics!
  • Victoria Secret Beauty! The VC name is making a mark in Playa for loved fragrances, makeup and accessories!  Sorry ladies, this VC is mainly for accessories!
  • Levis! Perfectly fitting for some cooler Playa nights ahead with their nice selection of denim jeans
  • Columbia! Well-loved brand for outdoor active wear and apparel
  • The Body Shop! We’ve seen it in Cancun but now you can find the best of your favorite lotions, shower gels, hand soaps, sprays and mineral make up items here in Playa!
  • Forever 21! Most anticipated opening among the female crowd in Playa del Carmen.  This Forever 21 has two entire floors reserved for clothing and accessories for women!
  • Bebe! High end clothing store for women well known in the United States

Along with some of these great new additions you will also find some repeats such as the Nike store, Marti Sporting Goods, Mister Tennis, Oakley, Watch my Watch, Sunglass Hut, La Europea, Harley Davidson and Starbucks and more!

The mall itself is a beautiful and attractive addition to the 5th avenue with a very appealing open air design!  If you have been able to walk by these days you will see the beautiful Christmas tree lit up and plenty of pretty white lights inside making it a pleasant new landmark in Playa del Carmen!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping in Playa del Carmen this season!

Livin’ Playa – A Big Slice of Chicago in Playa del Carmen!

Dear Expats, long time vacationers, and snowbirds, I am pleased to announce Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza in Playa del Carmen!  We already know that Playa del Carmen has a wide array of international and national food choices, which only proves that Playa is keeping up with international demand and catering to Playa del Carmen expats!

I want to give Don Chendo’s a big high five for bringing us such a special treat to Playa!  Pizza is no stranger in this beautiful beach town as there are plenty of delicious Italian thin crust pizza options, but this is a truly unique and one of a kind concept in the area. I had the chance to try the classic deep dish pizza as well as another incredible classic….spaghetti and meatballs (mom’s style)! AMAZING and delicious!

The little pizza shop is located in a perfect area on 30th avenue between 24th and 26th streets.  In my opinion the location is beyond perfect and allows the community of Playa del Carmen expats (living off the 5th avenue) the chance to have a high quality, fantastically priced, 5th avenue worthy meal, very close to home, and in the center of town!

I would like to use this as an example to highlight that the expat community in Playa del Carmen is absolutely growing, thus making more room for American or foreign run businesses to take off and be successful.
There is also more opportunity for expats to make a small business because there is true demand from consumers.  We love Mexico and all it has to offer but we also love when we can find something familiar and close to our hearts!

Something unique that I find from talking to many Americans and Canadians, moving or retiring in Playa del Carmen, is the desire to come here and run a simple business!  Even those who are retiring are looking for something to do!

Many people have worked for years in fast paced careers or big business and would love to finally get the chance to be their own boss, earn a little cash and become part of the Playa del Carmen community! Opening a business is also a great way to meet new people and get to know other Playa del Carmen expats!

If you are thinking about moving to Playa del Carmen and would like more information about what’s going on around town keep up with our blog or visit the Top Mexico Real Estate Facebook Page.

The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival: Rain or Shine!

If you were lucky enough to have attended the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival this year then you certainly had a real treat!  The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival went on Rain or shine this past weekend, bringing an incredible crowd down to Mamitas Beach Playa del Carmen to enjoy great music on the beach; all for free!

The main headliner of the whole Jazz Festival was, ever so popular, “Earth Wind and Fire”! They brought us three of the basic elements while nature brought us the fourth…Water (rain)!  Although the rain delayed the performance just a little, nothing could scare away the crowd who stood tight with their blankets and picnic baskets full of snacks, wine and other beverages!

Besides Earth, Wind and Fire there were many other spectacular performances, over the three day event, by artists such as Frank Gambale, Brent Fischer and many many more!

A well-loved and enjoyable occasion!

It was certainly an enjoyment to be a part of such a well-loved and popular event in Playa del Carmen!  Many expats made the journey down to Playa del Carmen specifically to attend the Jazz Festival that brings more and more Americans and Canadians down to the area every year!

If you are not familiar with the occasion, it is one of the best events hitting the Riviera Maya every year!  Many come for the music but also because the setting brings an extra charm to the event.  You can show up to the beach with your blanket or chair, bring your own drinks, and take your whole family or group of friends with you to enjoy the show.

The setting of the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival kind of reminds me of going to the drive in movie theater, with your whole family packed in the car and all your own goodies, to enjoy a major motion picture outdoors.  If you are part of the baby boomer generation, I’m almost sure you can relate with that feeling!

The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is for the young and the young at heart!

What made the festival even more remarkable was that among the great turnout, there were people there were people of all ages joining in on the fun together!  Whether you are 20 years old or 65 years old, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival brings music into the hearts of everyone!

I found that some people were just content relaxing with their wine and enjoying the music; while others were dancing the night away underneath the stars!

Start Planning for next year!

If you did miss the Riviera Maya Jazz festival, be sure to add it to your calendar for next year!  It is such a great time of year to come to the Riviera Maya, due to the beautiful comfortable weather temperatures and the variety of November events such as the Jazz Festival, Taste of Playa, and of course the beachfront Thanksgiving celebrations!

I should also mention that if you purchase plane tickets for November you can take advantage of generally low prices. right before the peak season starts in late December!

This is certainly an exciting time in Playa del Carmen!  The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is always the very start of snowbird season here in the Riviera Maya!  Many expats who come for the event will remain here at least until April to escape those cold winter months!

To showcase some of the fun of the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, I would like to leave you with a short video of the excellent performance by Earth Wind and Fire!   Enjoy and see you next year!


Mini World Cup Expat Soccer Tournament 2013 in Playa del Carmen

There was plenty of fun and excitement last weekend in Playa del Carmen at Mamitas Beach where the 8th Annual “Mundialito de Playa” was held. The Mundialito, or mini world cup if you will, was a special soccer tournament for locals and expats from all over the globe who are living here and like to play.  Check out this slide show with some of our pictures:


beatlo's Mundialito Playa del Carmen - Final Game album on Photobucket

(If you’re reading by subscription, or can’t see the slideshows, click here to go to the blog and see the pics!)

We visited all three days of the tournament to watch, take photos and cheer on our own home countries. It was really quite an event! Teams included were from Mexico, USA, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Spain, Uruguay, France and Switzerland. Each team was made of expats from each country!

Here’s the women’s soccer:

The event was a lot of fun and we even saw some visitors from some of the professional teams come out to cheer for their own. In addition to the soccer tournament, the event also included a men’s and women’s rugby expedition. There were plenty of fans and some vibrant cheerleaders who came out to cheer on their team as well.


I’ve never seen rugby on a beach before, but it’s something else:


beatlo's Mundialito 2013 Rugby album on Photobucket


The tournament included two full days of matches between the 10 teams followed by the finals in the last day. Who won? While each country did a fantastic job we must give our congratulations to the Mexican team for taking 1st place in the tournament! The most important thing, however, is that all participants from every team had fun and played great!


This event was great for any age group and families as well. It was so nice to see so many people from all over the world get together to play together. While there are many expats who love Mexico and love living in Playa it is always important to show pride for the place you came from. This was clearly and event that showcased that kind of pride.


While we were there we got to talking with some of the fans who were watching the games. There were definitely plenty of locals that came to cheer on their family and friends but also there was a nice tourist crowd. For those who love soccer and love the beach this was a special treat! This event is held yearly so if you didn’t get the chance to make it out this time it’s definitely worth it to mark it down for next year!


-by Thomas Lloyd


Livin' Playa video interview